Cierge Luxury is the premier name in Bentley chauffeured rental car services catering to the Maryland, Washington DC & Virginia region plus beyond. Fully licensed and insured with over 10 years of hands on experience with weddings and special occasions. Our staff is here to ensure clients have a dream car experience every time

What are your hours of operation to call and speak to a specialist?

Our standard reservation hours are from 9am-5pm.

How are your drivers dressed?

Our chauffeurs are properly dressed in  professional suit and tie attire.

I do not see the luxury car photos?

Click the dots below the picture or highlight the arrow towards the end of the photo to scroll through our gallery.

Where are you located?

Our company President has adopted the future model in which business is done without a need for showroom or physical brick and motar location since we are in the business where our chauffeurs bring vehicles once reserved to our clients needed destination unlike a car sales dealership. We have built a team of reservation specialists and affiliates nationwide so if you are trying to see a particular vehicle we will schedule you accordingly with the affiliate location whom operates that vehicle as we do not have all vehicles in-house.

What specific Bentley and Maybach do you offer?

The best way to identify ultra luxury cars is by the name and body style not year. Our vehicles are the Bentley Continental Flying Spur body style and the  Maybach 57 body style.  Both vehicles are pre-2013 body styles in which Bentley and Maybach.

Is there a hourly minimum?

Vehicles used for special events require a 3 to 6 hourly minimum. If you utilize less time than the hourly minimum, the pricing still remains the same.

Can I rent a vehicle for only 1 hour?

Each vehicle has a specific hourly minimum. So even if you only need a vehicle for one hour, the specific hourly minimum will still apply.

Can I place a deposit for a vehicle without a set date?

We cannot reserve a vehicle without a set date due to unfairness to you or any of our other clients.  It would be unfair to take a reservation without a date and have another client make a reservation with a date and later it is found out to be your date. 

How do I make reservations?

Mostly everything is handled via email. We will email you documents to fill out and send back to complete your reservations. NOTE: no reservation is finalized until a payment is processed with a conformation email.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards only along with proper identification .

Is gratuity included?

There is a 10% gratuity, 10% fuel charge, and 6% sales tax that is added to all transactions. 

Can I pay in person?

As we do not accept payments in person all payments are processed through a secured 3rd party vendor.

Can I drive the vehicle?

Most vehicles come with a chauffeur driver, however depending on your location we do have access to vehicles that can be driven yourself.

Can I come in the  office to see the vehicles?

Since we do not have a showroom. To see a vehicle we would schedule you a date, time and location to see the vehicle requested.

When does the hourly time start time begin?

To allow our guests more time with the vehicles, all quotes are for time upon arrival to the pickup location not when we leave the garage.

How soon should I make reservations?

Since we operate on a first come first serve basis and only have one of each vehicle we suggest as soon as possible to ensure we can get you in your chosen vehicle.

How do I know you guys are not taking my money and not show up?

We take pride how we treat every client and strive for excellent service every time. We realize the level of fraud going on in the industry when doing business with an unfamiliar organization. In hindsight we are not in business of booking a reservation for clients that are not comfortable with doing business with us. We have a fair equal opportunity policy in place. Once a deposit is made for a particular vehicle we block it out so no other client can reserve that date and vehicle. With that being said we also trust that the client making the reservation does not back out at the last minute as we turn away inquiries looking to book that same date and vehicle. Our goal is not just for one time transactions but to earn clients trust and business for long term relationships. Feel free to see what our clients have said about us at






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